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And he says 'Hey Doctor'

I hope that's an oral thermometer

4/11/06 07:08 pm

Hey all,
Sorry I've been slow with the updating, been BUSAAAAAY. Aurora came home a few days ago, meaning(unlike certain comments in my previous entry) that she's alive and healthy! Lib posted pictures in her journal. Oh WOW I love this little girl. Like, massive heart exploding kind of love. She's amazing.


3/16/06 09:08 pm

So, Aurora's doing alright, gaining weight pretty well. She still has her eyes covered and is living in a glass box, but she's looking so much better. Liberty comes home tomorrow.

3/12/06 07:23 pm

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Liberty went into early labor this afternoon, and Aurora was born 2 and a half months early. She's breathing, has a steady heartbeat, but her doctors aren't sure what's in her future...
I've never been so scared in my life. Liberty's okay, she's sleeping...so I came home for a little while.


3/3/06 10:01 pm

Oh boy did I do something stupid tonight. Stupid. STUPID. Can't believe I did it, I'm still sick to my stomach...oh god, what's Liberty going to say...what's she going to think...I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT.

Liberty and I now have enough money for our own apartment!! We're moving in together in two weeks!

2/28/06 06:23 pm

Yo, JT here.

So, things are okay. I'm grounded, currently, though I did sneak out with my girls Emma and Darcy the other day. Went to the Dot. Ate food. Food's good.
Liberty was pissed. She thinks I like Darcy.
Lib and I are back together, and considering moving in. We should have enough money.
should...should..I'm insane. I can't support her and a baby on minimum wage. HELP.

Whoever wants to, IM me.


2/25/06 11:50 pm

Liberty and I are speaking again. She's pregnant, for those of you who didn't already know. Five and a half months along, with a little girl.
We had a long talk the other night, things that needed to be said got said, and we're going to keep talking. We're thinking of names for the baby, and planning. I'm working more hours at the pharmacy, so I can get an awesome discount on baby stuff.

I told Gram about the baby...and let's just say she's not over the moon about it. She's letting me stay here though, so already that's better than I thought it would be. Liberty's parents are understanding of it too, as long as "it" doesn't have me anywhere near. Maybe we should just move in together...

IM me: jamestiberiusyo


2/19/06 10:24 pm

Yo, JT here. Not much going on. Liberty's acting weird.
I got a job at the pharmacy, minimum wage. JT's rollin' in the dough these days.
There's a big party up the road at the Ravine, it's really annoying. Why can't Jay and his 'homies' ever pack it in?

IM me at jamestiberiusyo
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